Contents page analysis

As contents pages are brief introductions to what is in the magazine the intention is to grab the readers attention and give them an insight in what the magazine contains. This is done successfully by the use of large images and bright colours i.e the yellow in "contents". The large image must also be of somebody who the reader can relate to, normally the most famous or key person in the magazine.

The colour scheme runs continuous throughout the page using black as a background then a bright yellow fr contrast to stand out. The font style is kept the same and should run throughout the magazine. The use of capitals has connotations of shouting so they are used as another way of getting the readers attention.

The Editors note in the top left hand corner is a magazine convention and is no exception here. It is used to give a bias opinion from the editor on what he thinks of the issue and gives a brief description of whats in it. However, this is small and placed in an area which is least likely to be viewed so the use of the image once again gets the readers attention.


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