Contents page analysis

The style of this contents page varies from the other, more conventional contents pages. The large, main (and only) image is and set aside from the text which gives a clear appearance. This is also reinforced by the space in between text. The image is in black and white which has connotations of high class which follows from the use of gold in the title, gold obviously showing wealth and "luxury". In a conventional contents page there would be a lot more images than just one however only one has been used to create a sense of clarity.

The colour's are continuous using just gold, red, black and white. This means that it is not overwhelming for the reader and the use of the main title, in gold which is only used once, means it stands out greatly contrasting with the white background.

As with the Kerrang! capital letters are used to attract the audiences attention even more. The audience is a specific target audience mainly focusing on young females who have interests in fashion. The word 'Department' is used to categorise information instead of the word 'Contents'. 'Department' has connotations of a clothing/fashion shop which suggests that the magazine is about fashion. This is reinforced by the 'classy' look of the main image and the use of a female model attracts the female audience. The use of 'Premiere Issue' continues the extravagance of the piece and is instead of using, Issue no.1 for example. The word 'Premiere' has connotations of an advanced screening of a film in which celebrities are invited to and there is mass media attention so 'Premiere' is used in this context as to make the reader feel they are reading something which has links with celebrities.


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