Double page spread article analysis

As a media convention throughout magazines, large images are used to attract the readers attention. In a double page spread article this is also used. Both articles have clear images of the relevant person which are not obstructed by text. This gives the reader a quick understanding on what and who the article is about. The next thing the reader should be attracted to is the title. In both cases the title is clear and stands out. This is important as to give the reader more information about the story. It acts as an enticement for the reader to read on.

The text is clearly set out into columns and is a media convention and is seen to break up the text so the audience does not find reading it monotonous or tedious. In the second of the articles the text is split up from the background image with a block of colour which links in with the story and image. This is used so the reader can read the text more easily.

I will be persevering to use these features in my article including the simple, broken up layout of text and the use of a large image.


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